Birlik Association donated bio-preparations to farming communities in Chui oblast

The Birlik Association continues its work on cultivation and processing of medicinal herbs. On August 7, the Association handed over bio-preparations to its farming communities in Chui oblast. These bio-preparations include biolignin, trichodermin, lacewort and amblyseus. It is important to note that these preparations can have a variety of applications in agriculture and horticulture.

These bio-preparations were manufactured by the Department of Organic Agriculture, with which the Birlik Association maintains a long-term and effective cooperation. Various organizations and institutions such as PF "Amanat Omur", cooperative "Samarbek" and Vocational Lyceum #43 of Sokuluk district received the preparations.

The staff of the Organic Department provided information on how to properly apply these products and talked about their effectiveness, which will help the participants to apply them in the best possible way.

It is worth noting that other members of the Association from Chui oblast will also receive these bio-preparations this week. This will allow to disseminate knowledge and use of bio-preparations among farming communities, contributing to the improvement of environmental and agricultural practices in the region.