Looking for a marketer

The Community Rural Development Fund announces a call for applications for the position of Marketing Specialist for the project "Supporting the development of green agriculture by local communities".

The project aims to contribute to climate change mitigation by developing an agricultural value chain model that respects biodiversity, enables adaptation of production to environmental challenges, increases productivity and promotes social and local agribusinesses.

Responsibilities of the marketer within the project:

- Research on the herbal medicine market and market trends at home and abroad;

- researching consumers of medicinal herbs, teas, and collections sold in the KR;

- development of sales strategy and trade brand promotion, study of competitive advantage;

- development of sales development strategy;

- preparation of recommendations on design, product range, brand promotion, pricing policy, etc.

- Establishment of relations with commercial structures, conclusion of at least two contracts for product sales with retail chains and pharmaceutical companies of the country;

- search for foreign companies interested in purchasing medicinal herbal raw materials, conclusion of at least one contract;

- control and analysis of results, recommendations for improvement of product management strategy.

The term of the contract with the marketer: from January to May 2023 (five months).

Remuneration conditions: the salary will be piece rate, linked to the delivery of specific products. All necessary conditions will be specified in the contracts.

Requirements for candidates:

- relevant education (in marketing, economics, finance and business);

- at least three years of work experience as a marketer;

- competent writing and speech in Kyrgyz, Russian, English languages;

- proficiency in computer and office programs at the level of a confident user;

- responsibility, diligence, creativity.

Interested applicants should send a resume to