RDF is working on the publication of a brochure on the Kyrgyz horse

RDF is preparing for publication a brochure on the Kyrgyz horse breed, which examines its importance in traditional nomadic society. It shows its role in economic and cultural life, social relations, and in wars with enemies. The characteristic features of the Kyrgyz horse breed, ways of care and maintenance are described, including through the mouths of folk experts. The reasons for the loss of the local breed are revealed and the stages of reduction of the Kyrgyz horse population in the country are defined.

Also, together with international experts, scientists and ecologists, a study of the Kyrgyz native horse in the context of global environmental challenges is being conducted.

The above activities are implemented within the framework of the project "Revival of indigenous breeds of animals: the Kyrgyz horse" by the consortium "Altyn tuyak" with the support of the Agroecological Fund.