Cultivation of Medicinal herbs is financially profitable for farmers

Beksultanov Samarbek, a resident of Ysyk-Ata district of Syn-Tash village and director of "The Samarbek" cooperative, showed by his successful example that the cultivation of medicinal herbs is financially profitable for farmers.
For the third year, Samarbek is cultivating medicinal herbs on his 15-hectare plot. He has planted peppermint and Israeli mint in his vegetable garden. Now, he has had his third harvest since spring, he is drying it and preparing it for sale. The second harvest was fruitful when he was able to get more than 300 kg of dried raw material and sold it for more than 100,000 soms.  

Samarbek: "The initiative to develop and support farmers to grow medicinal herbs not only provides a good income for families but also allows us to preserve wild medicinal herbs, which are widespread exterminated, mercilessly pulled out with the roots. To prevent this, through the project we inform people about the harm caused to nature by man and show how we can get additional income for farmers and at the same time protect the environment.

Samarbek and members of the cooperative received grant support of 400,000 soms under the project "Go Green - Supporting the Development of Green Agriculture by Local Communities". With these funds, they purchased all the necessary materials for constructing a drying corner for medicinal raw materials and other necessary equipment. In addition to technical support, the PF "Rural Development Fund" conducted training sessions, and seminars and regularly advises members of the farm on agricultural activities.
It is safe to say that the members of the cooperative successfully implemented the grant.