The Rural Development Fund has completed informational meetings with farmers.

The monitoring showed that the grant funds received by the cooperatives as part of the Go Green project were properly spent. The public organization Rural Development Fund ("Rural Development Fund") completed its last visit for information meetings within the project "Support to Green Agriculture by Local Communities: Go Green" on March 17, 2023.

This time the Go Green project team met with the cooperatives "Talas Daary" and "Ak Kain ata Murasym" located in Talas oblast. One of the main objectives of the visit was to monitor the grant work. As a result of the meetings, project staff were able to make sure that the grant funds received by the cooperatives were spent correctly and as intended. The cooperatives managed to grow and sell valerian, calendula, and mint, medicinal herbs suitable for the climate of Talas province.

Overall, the pilot target farms located in all 7 regions successfully and efficiently used the grants received under the Go Green project.

The visits took place within the framework of the project "Support to Local Community Development of Green Agriculture: Go Green." The project is funded by the European Union.