Exchange visit

Final event of the Go Green project, attended by David Rama, representative of the KMOR organization (Greece)

On May 24, the second day of the final event of our project was held with a field trip to the demonstration field HAB in Ysyk-Ata district, where the entire CDC was demonstrated and a discussion was held.

The event was attended by representatives of relevant Ministries, educational institutions, farming communities, academia, public organizations, media and other stakeholders.
The "Go Green" project turned out to be a truly significant, important and special project. During the implementation of the project we have gained a lot of skills and knowledge in the field of agriculture, found reliable partners and were able to show that agriculture is of great importance and makes a huge contribution to the development of the country.

We express our gratitude to the European Union for funding the Go Green project and for the opportunity to implement such important projects.

We express our gratitude to the organization KMOR (Greece) for supporting the project, and thank KMOR representative and project coordinator, David Rama, for his hard work and the opportunity to fly in person.
Выражаем благодарность кооперативам, общественным объединениям, общественным фондам и фермерским хозяйствам: кооператив «Жашыл Өмүр», ОО «Көөнөрбөс Мурас», ОО «Санрабиго», ОФ «Аманат Өмүр», фермерское хозяйство «Самарбек», кооператив «Талас Даары», ОФ «Ак-Кайын-Ата мурасым», кооператив «Иссык-Куль органик», кооператив «Сүт-Азык», кооператив «Тон Даары Чөптөрү», ОФ «Кызыл Бирлик жана С. Жоломанов», ОО «Орчун», кооператив «Ош-Панацея», кооператив «Алтын-Дан», кооператив «Орто-Токой Биримдиги», кооператив «Баткен-Жетиген даары чөптөрү».

Выражаем почтение и благодарность ПЛ №20, ПЛ №43, ПЛ №67 за надежное партнерство.

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