Conference on "Preserving traditional knowledge and enhancing opportunities for its transmission for economic growth, strengthening social values of society and cultural identity and self-consciousnes

On May 1, Bishkek hosted the International Conference on "Preservation of Traditional Knowledge and Expansion of Opportunities for its Transfer for Economic Growth, Strengthening Social Values of Society and Cultural Identity and Self-Consciousness". The event was organized by PF Rural Development Fund.

The conference was dedicated to the results of the project "Dissemination of Kyrgyz traditional pastoral and ecological knowledge and support to the community on joint management of mountain ecosystems in the Kyrgyz Republic".

The aim of the event

- to highlight the problems of preservation and transmission of traditional knowledge in the field of education, animal husbandry, conservation of natural resources, and in general for revitalization of traditional cultural and educational values of the Kyrgyz people;

- discussing lessons learned from the experience of RDF in collecting, documenting, sharing traditional knowledge, as well as the need to create a platform with the participation of local and foreign custodians of Kyrgyz traditional knowledge (TK), scientists, representatives of educational institutions, students and others in the field of preservation and dissemination of TK.

Conference participants

The event was attended by representatives of the Christensen Foundation, representatives of government agencies, ministries, keepers and practitioners of Kyrgyz TK from Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and China, representatives of the Academy of Sciences of the Kyrgyz Republic, universities, Assembly of Peoples of the Kyrgyz Republic, teachers and students of agricultural colleges, lyceums, partner organizations, media.
Additional activities

The participants of the event were presented with videos on Kyrgyz traditional

knowledge. An updated series of books was presented: "Nomadic cuisine", "Nomadic rituals", "Jailoo games", "Yurt - a nomad's house", "Tips of Sayapkers", "Camel - the beauty of the nomad", "Yakis of the highlands", "Nomadic pastures".

Also the participants of the conference got acquainted with the wedding ritual dance "Zhar kөrүү" during the master class, learned useful tips from the "mouth" of the yurt, and tasted the dishes of nomadic cuisine.

List of instructional videos:

1.Zhar kөrү(wedding dance ritual).
3.Kөch(camel packing).
4.Top tash(national game)
5.Chop tea(medicinal herbs)
6.Kuurma tea(national drink/soup)
7.Atadan kalgan muras.
8.Zhylandyn terisin mal baguuda koldonuu(snake skin to help cattle breeders)
9.Terdik jasoo ykmasy
11.Uy zhana beani saagandy үrөnү.
12.Teri ashatuu tekhnologysy.
13.Mazar basuu arkyiluu tabiygatty korgoo
Traditional Knowledge