RDF specialists spoke about Kyrgyz traditional knowledge in the morning program of NTS TV channel

Traditional knowledge project coordinator Kuluipa Akmatova and livestock expert Kenesh Shapakov participated in the television program "MorningLIVE" on NTS.

The experts spoke about the importance of disseminating Kyrgyz traditional knowledge among young people. About customs, rituals, games among young people, about the nomadic cuisine of Kyrgyz, what role is played by Kyrgyz livestock breeding: tips of sayapkers, about care and maintenance of camels and highland yaks.

To date, a small part of city dwellers have preserved the knowledge of their ancestors, rarely can anyone remember the recipes of nomadic cuisine, most women have lost their needlework skills. Over time, this knowledge can be erased. Therefore, the research team shared the knowledge accumulated under the project "Dissemination of Kyrgyz traditional pastoral and ecological knowledge and support to the community on joint management of mountain ecosystems in the Kyrgyz Republic". The project is funded by the Christensen Foundation.

The updated (supplemented) Kyrgyz Traditional Knowledge Book Series will be released at the end of May. Also available for citizens will be educational videos on the wedding ceremony "Zhar korүү", "How to cook sumbolok at home", "How to load a yurt on a camel when nomadic".
Traditional Knowledge