Traditional hunting of Kyrgyz "Salbuurun" and "Bata" in the service of strengthening friendship between the peoples of Russia and Kyrgyzstan

While many people still have fresh memories of the summit of heads of government of CIS member states held in Bishkek in early June, where issues of trade and economic cooperation, projects in the field of energy and health care, food security, and innovation were discussed.

We decided to share photos of the cultural part of the summit, where our employee, Traditional Knowledge Project Coordinator Kuluipa Akmatova took part as a translator of the Kyrgyz national hunting process "Salbuurun", which is known among Kyrgyz as a complex hunting game with birds, dogs and traditional bow shooting.

The translation was made for the Prime Minister of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev, who took a short walk with the president of our country in the Ala-Archa Gorge, where a fragment of the complex hunting game "Salbuurun" was shown. According to Kuluipa Akmatova, Mr. Prime Minister was keenly interested in Kyrgyz hunting, photographed some moments himself and surprised everyone with his excellent knowledge of taigans and falconry.
At the end of the event, "Bata" was recited in front of the honored guests, which from the Kyrgyz language translates as a blessing. In the people "bata" is given to the most respected person in the family, in the clan, as well as carriers of spiritual practices.

To jigits, the blessing is usually given before some accomplishment, going on a journey or a good endeavor. Here "bata" was given to the distinguished guest Dmitry Anatolievich, also the President of the country Almazbek Sharshenovich. Also to good and fruitful endeavors of the summit of heads of governments of the CIS member states.
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