Keepers and practitioners of Kyrgyz traditional knowledge from seven provinces of Kyrgyzstan met at Jailoo

On June 12, 2016, the Pastoral Network of keepers and practitioners of Kyrgyz traditional knowledge "Kyrgyz el akyl kazyna" (KEAK) held a meeting on the jailoo "Besh-Belche", At-Bashy district, Naryn region.
The main goal of the event was: preservation and exchange of experience to support ecological, economic, cultural and social development of local communities, as well as development and strengthening of the pastoral network of KEAC.

The participants of the event were regional leaders of the network from all 7 oblasts, representatives of initiative groups of the Network, keepers and practitioners of unique methods and technologies of handicrafts, handicrafts, livestock farming and Kyrgyz culture, representatives of local communities, LSGs, partner organizations, guests, mass media.

During the Meeting were held:

- Presentation of the activities of the KEAC Network, which is aimed at preserving what can still be saved from the people's treasury of wisdom;

- RDF presentations: Kyrgyz traditional knowledge today. Kyrgyz Ecological Knowledge: Community-Based Natural Resource Management Project, and Community-Based Snow Leopard and Habitat Conservation Project;

- The exhibition-fair, where various handicrafts were presented. Among them, tush kiyiz with original embroidery techniques, which have been kept in the family of artisans for three generations, which is more than a hundred years, were particularly notable;

- Master classes:

on how to pack a camel for nomadic travel,
how to take care of taigans,
playing kyl-kyak and akyn aytysh melodies,
on playing alchiki with the participation of small guests,
on the technology of nomadic cuisine.
There were also discussions and exchange of experience between regional leaders of KEAC and representatives of other partner organizations as the Association of Craftsmen of Kyrgyzstan, the results of which were outlined new plans and further joint steps. There were also exchanges of views and opinions between livestock keepers with families and traditional knowledge keepers, which led to an increase in the number of people willing to join the Network. Other partner organizations have also expressed their desire to join the Network.
The work of the KEAC Pastoral Network was recognized with a letter of appreciation from the Agency for Primary and Secondary Vocational Education under the Ministry of Education and Science of the Kyrgyz Republic.
The Republican Scientific and Methodological Center also expressed its gratitude to the staff of the Pastoral Network of KEAC and RDF for maintaining Kyrgyz traditional knowledge and wished further successful practice in this area with plans for mutually beneficial cooperation.
Traditional Knowledge Pastoral network "Kyrgyz El Akyl Kazyna"