Traditional knowledge book series

At the end of the project "Dissemination of Kyrgyz Pastoral and Ecological Knowledge and Support to the Community on Co-management of Mountain Ecosystems in the Kyrgyz Republic", RDF published a new updated and supplemented series of books on traditional knowledge.

Previously, these were the booklets of the Traditional Knowledge for Livestock Keepers series. The updated series includes the following books: "Nomadic Rites", "Yurt - Nomad's House", "Jailoo Games", "Nomadic Cuisine", "Sayapker Tips", "Camel - the Beauty of Nomadism", "Yak of the Highlands", "Nomadic Pastures".

Each book is supplemented with information and illustrations on traditional knowledge collected in different regions of the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as from the mouths of ethnic Kyrgyz living in China.

Collection, analysis and presentation: K. Akmatova, J. Tilekeeva, K. Shapakov

Editor: G. Ibraimova

Artist: K. Rymbek, K. Turumbekov

Design and layout: S. Sulaimanov, A. Storozheva

Traditional Knowledge