Pastoral network "Kyrgyz el akyl kazyna"

For almost four years, within the framework of several projects, the RDF has been working   to collect, analyze and disseminate traditional knowledge, the secrets of ancestors about nomadic life. Over the years, the RDF has collected many methods, recipes, technologies, stories, legends from the mouths of the keepers of traditional knowledge in our country, as well as in Turkey and China. Many different events were held where there was an opportunity to meet people like us who are not indifferent to whom and how to transfer our knowledge and experience   our parents. Especially memorable were the exhibitions of traditional knowledge at the Kok-Oyrok jailoo of the Kemin region and in a place near Kok-Zhangak of the Suzak region. There were discussed the most relevant areas of traditional knowledge that are of interest to young people, farmers, livestock breeders, teachers of agricultural colleges.

Network "Kyrgyz el akyl kazyna"
The network is aimed at preserving what we can still manage to preserve from the people's treasury of the wisdom of our fathers, to help today's livestock breeders make their life in the harsh conditions of the mountains safer and more pleasant, just as our ancestors lived, studying the harmony of coexistence with nature.

The history of the network
The idea of ​​creating a pastoral network came during the summer exhibitions and fairs.   Participants of traditional knowledge projects supported the idea of ​​the RDF to create a Network that would unite all those people and organizations who are interested in and care about the preservation and transfer of traditional knowledge. Within the framework of the Network, it is possible to combine, generalize, collect all the accumulated experience, knowledge, information about various methods of grazing, treating animals with improvised natural remedies, rules and recipes for the use of medicinal herbs, the secrets of raising horses and pacers, caring for yaks in alpine conditions, using camels in everyday life and in migrations, rituals and traditions of nomadic life, educational games for young people.
The first informal meeting of 10 people   was held after the training for trainers-pastoralists, organized by the RDF in the Ak-Tash recreation center. Then the main directions of the Network's work, ways of collecting and transmitting information were discussed.   It was also agreed to use the   Fund as an executive body for the Network, since the RDF   has a   database of pastoralists. Members of the informal Network passed recipes to each other, recommended people who knew one or another method, created plans for joint work   at the level of Chui oblast. After they   had the opportunity to meet again with the initiators of the network when they conducted "Zhayit mekteb" at four jailoo. Topics   were   on training and   education of horses and pacers, breeding yaks in   alpine conditions, rational use of pastures according to ancestral technology, nomadic cuisine, natural coloring, installation and storage of a yurt, decoration of a yurt, treatment animals,   rituals and traditions of nomadic life, medicinal herbs.

Goals and objectives of the Network
-   Providing support to various organizations that work in the field of livestock development and improvement of pastures, the revival of cultural heritage, through the exchange and provision of information within the scope of the network,
-   Collection and generalization of the accumulated experience of using traditional knowledge of network participants with the help of RDF and other organizations,
-   Advisory assistance on training using traditional knowledge   teachers and trainers,
-   Organization of outdoor   demonstration master classes (on rituals, handicrafts, kitchen),
- Opening a page on the official website of the RDF   updating as events occur,
-   Access to other traditional knowledge networks through RDF and other organizations,
-   Opening of the seasons of ethnic tourism with the demonstration of ceremonies and rituals of nomadic activities of the Kyrgyz on the basis of initiative groups,
-   Promotion of traditional knowledge in the media,
-   Raising the issues of preserving traditional knowledge at the state level, protecting the rights to traditional knowledge.

Members of the Network:
Network Leader:
Dzhanyshbaeva Altyn, NGO "Onor Bulagy"

Initiator group:
Ryskeldieva Zulayka   - artist, designer Museum "Tashtar Keremeti", Ton district, Issyk-Kul region
Monoldorova Zhyldyz - bubu, psychic, leader of the Cheksiz Kut self-help group, Kemin town, Chui region
Algozhoeva Zhanar - a collector of medicinal herbs, p. Novo-Pokrovka, Chui region
Abdrakhmanova Jyrgal - group leader, Federation of the Elderly, p. Kayindy, Kemin district, Chui region
Nusupova Roza - researcher of methods, rituals for reconciliation, harmony between peoples, Jalal-Abad
Abdyldabekov Myrzabek - livestock farmer, s. Chaek, Zhumgal district, Naryn region
Aydarova Bukon - Methodist of Talas Agricultural and Economic College, Talas
Umarov Kambaraaly - yak farmer, s. Kyzyl-Eshme, Chon-Alai district, Osh region
Ashyrbekov Abyshka - lecturer at Talas Agroeconomic College
Jailoobekov Chubak - jockey, trainer of pacers of the agricultural cooperative "Aikol", Ton Rai
Traditional Knowledge