Farmers will be able to sell agricultural products through a mobile application

A mobile application for farmers and potential buyers of agricultural products has been developed in Kyrgyzstan. The mobile application "Birlik" was developed by the public fund Rural Development Fund under the project "Support of green agriculture by local communities - Go green". RDF implements this project together with the Foundation for Civic Initiatives (KMOR, Greece) with the support of the European Union.

As part of the project, RDF helped 16 farming communities across the country to grow and process medicinal plants. The farmers took the initiative and united to form the Association for the cultivation and processing of medicinal plants "Birlik". The Association now includes more than 20 cooperatives and public organizations in Kyrgyzstan, as well as business organizations that are engaged in the cultivation and processing of medicinal plants. The mobile application, in turn, was created as one of the tools for marketing finished products.

In the application "Birlik", which is a marketplace, along with other sections, there are such sections as "El bazaars" (trading platform), "On the map" (geolocation of communities on the map), "Communities" (information about farming communities). In the "Forum" section, farmers can share their experience, ask questions about growing and processing medicinal crops. You can also learn more about the Go green project, read news and useful information in the application. It provides support for English, Russian and Kyrgyz languages.
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