The festival "Shirge Zhyyar" with participation of Rural Development Fund (RDF) was held in Talas oblast.

On September 2-3, 2017, the Bio kg Federation held a Festival in Kopuro Bazar village of Talas district dedicated to environmental protection and preservation of ancestral heritage. It was attended by organizations engaged in projects to protect nature and the environment, as well as the preservation of traditional knowledge (OF Rural Development Fund, "Kyrgyz El Akyl Kazyna" (KEAK), Lesik-South, Bio-Muras, ADI, AGOCA) .

These projects are implemented with the support of the Christensen Foundation, which for many years has been helping many countries around the world to preserve their rich biodiversity and their cultural heritage.

On the first day, representatives of the Christensen Foundation visited the organic aimag "Kopure Bazaar" and organized a concert by the local community and participants of the event. For the guests of the Festival were presented demonstrations of national games, traditions with the involvement of members of the KEAC Network in Talas. One of the interesting performances were hunting games with trapping birds and dogs, Zhaa-atuu - archery from the complex Kyrgyz hunting "Salbuurun" - which were shown also by the members of KEAC, the team of the participant of the World Nomadic Games munushker (trainer of trapping birds) and taiganchi Kuttubek from Ozgorush village of Bakai-Ata district and also at the same time a member of the Federation "Salbuurun".

Also members of KEAC for the local community and children who participated in the festival showed a master class on several types of games: "Top Tash", "Chuko", "Zhazdyk Chapmai". Children played national games with pleasure, adults watched them with great interest.

And participants of the children's educational camp "Jibi friends" performed a theatrical skit about a lonely barsenka Zhibi. The script about the leopard was invented by children at the camp, which was organized by the PF RDF within the framework of the project "Snow Leopard - part of the biological and cultural heritage of the Kyrgyz people". Children repeatedly perform at such events and receive very good feedback, which gives them an incentive to conduct further work to strengthen the capacity of the camp participants to create a Children's Jibi club.

The second day of the festival was organized in a picturesque area - birch grove, where an exhibition of all participants of this event was held.

Representatives of the Christensen Foundation very carefully inspected the exhibition of each organization, listened to the presentations and viewed the products - expositions of traditional handicrafts and artistic creations, organic products, stands on the project activities of RDF and master classes on traditional nomadic cuisine (Kyrgyz 'el akyl kazyna). The Festival guests were also offered Kyrgyz kochu, Dyikan batasy, Tushoo kesuu, elechek oroo master classes with demonstration of Kyrgyz national clothing from Kiyiz Duino and beautiful melodies from Ustat Shakirt. All this and much more was offered to the guests and the local community.

In the afternoon, a round table "Traditional Culture and Community Development" was held, where representatives of the Christensen Foundation, the foundation's grantees and representatives of local communities took part. They discussed current problems and prospects for the development of the aspect of spirituality in the life of local communities in Kyrgyzstan. During the meeting there was an opportunity for guests of the Festival, residents of the local community, representatives of the Christensen Foundation to express their opinions, listen to the proposals of partners for further improvement of activities, share experiences and lessons learned, summarize the results and thank the organizers of the event.
Pastoral network "Kyrgyz El Akyl Kazyna"