RDF conducted a three-day training for members of the KEAC Pastoral Network

From January 9 to 11, 2015, the project team on dissemination of Traditional Knowledge conducted trainings for members of the pastoral network of KEAC. The training brought together members of the Kyrgyz El Akyl Kazyna Network - leaders from three regions of the country: from Issyk-Kul, Chui and Talas oblasts.

The purpose of the training

-Familiarization of new members with the composition of KEAC, strengthening of the Network's ties,
-Teaching participants knowledge and skills to attract resources for the development of the Network,
-Teaching the KEAC Network to master research tools for focus group interviews to collect/transmit TORs via the internet,
-Teaching the KEAC Pastoral Network how to use video, photo, audio tools to collect TORs.

During the training, each participant shared his/her experience. The results and projects of the KEAC members were reviewed. KEAC members shared how they started their journey, how they became part of the unified Network. The participants noted that joining KEAC became a stimulus for further growth and multiplication of their talents. Baisheva Janyl, head of PF "Altyn Oymok", a member of the KEAC Network from Issyk-Kul region, shared: "We used to work separately, no one knew anyone, no one was interested. When we united into one Network, our vision changed. Now we come out under the name of the KEAC Network with a lot of pride."

For the new members of KEAC, the training allowed them to learn many new things. As Kabay Ryskulbekov, who came from Talas, notes, here he met like-minded people who have the same goal - to preserve traditional knowledge. "I have been building yurts and practicing crafts since childhood. This was taught to me by my father. I would like to pass on this knowledge to the younger generation. I didn't think before how much communication via internet is necessary, it helps to exchange information quickly. Thanks to RDF, I have discovered a lot of useful and interesting things.
Pastoral network "Kyrgyz El Akyl Kazyna"