Joining the CEAC Network

Dear Kyrgyzstanis,
Join the Network "Kyrgyz el akyl kazyna", to people who are not indifferent to the fate of the heritage of ancestors and people who have the knowledge and experience to revive traditional knowledge, become part of the community of horse equipment masters, yurt making, needlewomen, storytellers, healers who are ready to teach and to study, ready to apply original teaching methods in the conditions of the nomadic life of the Kyrgyz, share their experience, create and experiment.

The network of creative people for the preservation and transmission of ancestral heritage was created for people who are interested in the possibilities of improving the quality of life of farmers, livestock breeders, ordinary villagers who are engaged in distant pasture development of animal husbandry.

In the future, in our Network, you will find a variety of materials and resources related to the use of traditional knowledge in teaching young people, farmers, livestock breeders .. Many networks are created in people's lives, but not all reach their intended goals. We are open to all interested people and partner organizations.

What do you need to do to log on to the Web and use the Web's capabilities?
1. Connect with the leader of the Pastoral Network
2. Fill out the Network Participant Form
3. Send to the address below
4. Keep correspondence through the Network Steering Committee
5. If you need advice or information, indicate in the column of the form

Network Leader:
1) Tilekeyeva Zhyldyz Azamatovna - director Tel: 0 555 232711;
2) Dzhanyshbaeva Altyn - leader of the Network

If you need more detailed information, you can write to the RDF by e-mail: or contact directly the members of the Pastoral Network at:
Kyrgyzstan, Chui region, Kemin district,
722230, p. Shabdan, st. H. Abysheva 11.
Mobile: +996 556 611 545
Email mail:;;

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Pastoral network "Kyrgyz El Akyl Kazyna"