Custodians of traditional knowledge

Sultek Kobokov

The name of the project: The source of the life is health

The aim of the project: Providing consultative support and assistance to the affected population of the Naryn region and other regions of the country from COVID-19 through the opening of the reception center of Yurta - Sultek Ata folk clinic by the method of traditional knowledge of using medicinal plants and other remedies plants and other tools.

Project objectives:

· Examining the needs of visitors to the reception room

· Market research and selection of suitable for the reception

· Purchase and installation of furniture: tables and chairs, other accessories

· Opening and reception of visitors

Project Tasks:

· Construction and installation of the reception area of the Yurt - People's Clinic;

· Decorating the Yurt with traditional decorations and necessary infrastructure;

· Dissemination of information about the reception Yurt;

· People's Clinic in local media and on internet platforms;

· Reception of visitors and implementation of Project activities.

Project location: Naryn region, where custodian lives

Project Initiator: Sultek Kobokov - Custodian of the secrets of using medicinal herbs and a spiritual practitioner.

Sultek Kobokov is a member of the World Union of Indigenous Spiritual Practitioners, member of the Network of Custodians and Practitioners of Kyrgyz Traditional Knowledge, memberof the Naryn Council of Elders.
The name of the project: The Kyrgyz feature - Journey to pass on the arts of blessing and oratory to young people.

The mission of the project:
Strengthening mutual understanding between local people, youth and spiritual practitioners in order to preserve traditional knowledge for future generations.
Project objectives:
• Introducing to the universe of the world epic "Manas" for kindergartners, pupils, and students of madrasahs;
• Conducting the ritual of blessing "Bata" for visitors to the Manas-Ordo complex, and raising their awareness of the important role of the ritual in Kyrgyz culture;
• Participating in national festivals and sensitizing participants on the role of the Bata blessing ritual.

Initiators of the Project:
Raimbekov Zhaparkul - WUISP and KEAK member. He founded the organization “Academy of Kyrgyz kasieti” (holiness and righteousness of the Kyrgyz). One of the directions of the organization is the preservation and protection of the snow leopard, as well as the transfer of traditional philosophy, harmony with nature to youth and children.
Mamadaliev Kamil – is a storyteller of the great epic "Manas", as well as other small Kyrgyz epics. Spiritual and cultural practitioner, member of WUISP, Manaschy, director of the Manas Ordo museum in Talas region.
Pastoral network "Kyrgyz El Akyl Kazyna"