Cooperation with VESA

In ensuring the rights of access to land for all segments of the population, and especially for the poor and women, knowledge of these rights is essential. Oftentimes, having good laws without public awareness of them does not solve access problems. In Kyrgyzstan, progressive land legislation has been introduced, which provides benefits for people of low income in providing them with land. At the same time, these benefits are rarely used by anyone and access to land resources is still difficult. The main idea of ​​this project is that if we consider the specific problems of access to land for the poor and women on the example of one ayil okmotu, it is likely that the main problem of access will be their lack of awareness of rights and how to exercise these rights.

Objective of the project
facilitating access to land for women and the rural poor; and increasing civic engagement, engagement and skills-building among the local community in solving their problems.

The project was implemented in close partnership between the experts of VESA and the Village Development Fund with the Kok-Oyrok ayil okmotu, ayil kenesh and community representatives. The community committee selected 3 researchers from the villages of Kok-Oyrok Aiyl Okmotu - local residents, two of whom were women, who, in close cooperation with local governments, conducted research on the implementation of land rights for the rural population, especially women and the poor. In the course of the study, 65 respondents were interviewed, including representatives of local government bodies and stakeholders.

Local communities themselves studied the emerging problems in the implementation of land rights and carried out their initial analysis. As a result, local communities have learned and received a basis for conducting similar research and analyzing similar issues and problems that arise in their daily life in the future. Having learned methods of research, analysis, development of recommendations and proposals, local communities through their representatives will be able to more actively participate in decision-making processes that affect the socio-economic development of their region.

Activities carried out within the framework of this project:
-   Rapid research and assessment was carried out in conjunction with local communities on the problems of access to land, especially the poor and vulnerable groups of the population (single women, pensioners, large families);
- The legal framework was studied to analyze the existing problems;
- Answers and recommendations were prepared in the form of a booklet containing information on changes in the current land legislation;
- Information was disseminated in the form of booklets among stakeholders and land users.
Land reform