New house for Zukhra Khakimova's family

Construction of a residential building for the Khakimov family, who suffered as a result of the tragic events in the south of the country in the summer of 2010, began in December 2010. The family members themselves expressed a desire to attach a room with a corridor to the already built small two-room house and determined the place for construction.

Before the start of construction, representatives of the RDF received official permission from the family in the person of Zukhra Khakimova for the right of unhindered access to the land plot during the construction work.

By mid-January 2011, the construction company, selected by tender and in compliance with all norms and requirements, completed work on the construction of the walls of the house and began work on the roofing. Due to weather conditions, the construction process sometimes had to be interrupted, but this did not hinder the completion of the entire construction process on time.

In early February, the roofing work was completed, then work continued on the installation of windows, doors, as well as the ceiling and floor of the room. Already in the second half of February, these works were also completed.

It should be emphasized that each stage of the construction of the house was controlled by the RDF, a regional representative in Osh, as well as by responsible employees from the head office in Bishkek, who contacted Zukhra Khakimova on a weekly basis and controlled the entire process of construction of the house.

By the end of February, all construction work was completed. And now the final stage was finishing work: covering the floors with linoleum, finishing the ceiling with plasterboard and finishing the inner and outer sides of the walls, which were successfully completed in March 2011.

The Khakimov family celebrated the spring holiday "Nooruz" in a newly built house with family and friends. The family members of Zukhra Khakimova noted that the construction company completed the construction work very efficiently and on time, they are sincerely grateful to the people who did not stand aside and came to their aid at a difficult moment for them.

The assistance provided in the form of building a house - a roof over your head is extremely important and essential, because it would be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for this family to rebuild their home on their own.
Letter of gratitude from Zukhra Khakimova
Initiative " KADAM"