Kadam Initiative in COVID-19

Project implementation period: ; 21.04.2020-21.05.2020

The Kadam Initiative in time for COVID-19 aimed to support Kyrgyz families to strengthen the humanitarian response and improve psycho-social well-being through the Kyrgyz El Akyl Kazyna Heritage Keeper Network - KEAK.

The activities of the Kadam Initiative were conditionally divided into three stages:
At   the first stage, online meetings of the RDF team with the leaders of the KEAK regions of the country were held, where the goals, objectives and details of the implementation of this Kadam Initiative were discussed. As a result of these meetings, decisions were made to apply traditional philosophy, to turn to the origins of nomadic culture to mitigate overcoming difficult situations, which were used by our ancestors in difficult times.

In the  second stage, disposable masks were sewn through the homework of KEAK members in Tokmak. Also, members of the KEAK Network prepared bags with medicinal herbs for tea, as well as juniper and harmala. The process of distributing disposable masks, medicinal herbs and nomadic dishes was accompanied by preventive conversations on the regulation of psychosocial well-being through wise instructions, advice, stories about the traditions of the people that helped to survive difficult times.

At   the third stage, the members of the CEAC organized performances by famous personalities - "immigrants" from the region, such as representatives of art, science, business and folk art with an appeal to fellow countrymen and interesting stories about the importance of patience, mutual assistance and self-organization in a difficult situation for citizens time. Also, the events included online fairy tales, video presentations for lessons, stories about the traditions of family unity and friendship from the keepers of traditions and rituals of the older generation, members of the CEAC Network, and were highlighted on social networks ( ,  https: //

You could get information from the YouTube channel RDF (, 3D Map Explorer (, personal experiences of KEAK members were also useful.

As a result, the following were distributed:
Disposable masks - 7000 pieces
Herbs / tea - 735 bags
Harmala and juniper - 735 bags
Pilaf - 735 servings
Kalama - 735 pieces
Kuurma tea - 735 liter
Speeches and video messages - 35 pieces per month
As a result of the project, the coverage of the population by regions is:
Chui region - 2320 inhabitants
Issyk-Kul region - 1478 inhabitants
Naryn region - 2200 inhabitants
Jalal-Abad region - 2338 inhabitants
Talas region - 2446 inhabitants
Osh region - 1439 inhabitants
Batken region - 1,280 inhabitants

Online coverage
Based on the results of online presentations, the audience coverage on social networks at the time of the completion of the Project was 29,789 people, of which 7,238 people were involved in interaction. Positive comments are 100 percent. Online audience feedback continues to increase after the completion of the project.

We hope that the Kadam Initiative will continue to help improve family prosperity, unity and peace! 
Initiative " KADAM"