Interim initiative to support stability in Bishkek

About DND "Patriot" Patriot in faces
Among the residents of the capital of the Republic there are many ; people, not standing aside from the common trouble. ; Residents unite in formal and informal groups, people's guards and make their own contribution ; improvement of the current situation in the country. Activities of such
groups and movements based on goodwill and enthusiasm of the participants, clearly show the importance and usefulness of their activities. However, for the effectiveness of their activities and their initiatives, it is necessary to finance their most essential and priority needs and requirements, such as fuels and lubricants (gasoline and diesel fuel), hot meals, communications and much more.
Employees of the RDF made their own contribution to the common cause in the form of strengthening stability in Bishkek by providing one-time support for the activities of voluntary people's guards for the period of the greatest risk of conflict situations.   The initiative group, which consisted of the RDF employees, provided support in solving organizational issues in the activities of brave vigilantes   "Patriot". The national squad "Patriot" appealed to the ; initiative group   with requests for assistance (for example, fuels and lubricants, food, communications). Members of the initiative group kept an accurate record of the funds received and spent and responded in a timely manner to the requests of the Druzhina. The funds received to support the activities of the people's militias were accumulated in a special   bank account, and the responsible accountant recorded all financial flows.

  purpose of the temporary initiative
To unite the efforts of residents and guests of the capital, as well as everyone who has the desire and opportunity to help the country in providing preventive measures and maintaining law and order in Bishkek by volunteer people's militias by organizing fundraising to support the effective activities of the Patriot voluntary people's militia.

Her tasks
- Creation of a monetary fund by collecting donations from legal entities and individuals, residents and non-residents of the Kyrgyz Republic;
- Purchase (collection) of equipment and other accessories for operational activities of the Patriot Druzhina;
- Purchase (collection) of means of protection for members of the Squad.

Fundraising was carried out through inviting and explanatory work among residents and guests of the capital, as well as those living outside the country and all those who were not indifferent to the fate of Kyrgyzstan, in particular the safety and well-being of Bishkek. The fundraiser compiled a list of potential donors and a contact database. The conscription and explanatory work was carried out through personal meetings with stakeholders, telephone negotiations, sending informative letters by e-mail   and other means of communication.

Cost of collected funds
Purchasing equipment and other accessories
The collected funds were used to purchase the necessary equipment and means of protection   to members of the Druzhina (Here you can see the   list of purchased equipment   for the Druzhina). The Procurement Officer accepted bids from DND “Patriot” for essential items to carry out continuous activities to maintain law and order in Bishkek. In agreement with the chairman and the initiator, the procedures for the search and purchase of the declared things were carried out. When purchasing goods, the principle of protecting the interests of the recipient of goods and the ratio of benefits and costs was observed. Also, the staff of the RDF provided assistance in the form of organizing the receipt of a property grant in the form of office equipment (copier, personal computer, scanner), which was provided to the Druzhina by the Soros Foundation-Kyrgyzstan.
Organization of meals for vigilantes at night
Part of the funds raised was used to finance meals in nearby food outlets (cafes, canteens)   in agreement with the leaders of the Patriot DND.

Completion of the initiative
After the national referendum and when the situation returned to normal,   June 29, 2010   the initiative for one-time support for the Druzhina was completed. RFD, on behalf of DND "Patriot", sincerely thanks everyone who helped the Druzhina and made their invaluable contribution to maintaining stability in Bishkek.

Reporting and transparency
All donations are registered in the book of receipt of funds.   The initiative group of the RDF made every effort to ensure the transparency of the inflows and expenditures of funds received through purchases with supporting financial documents, drawing up the necessary acts on the transfer and acceptance of equipment and other   documents.
Financial report   on the receipt and expenditure of funds   with the mention of the names of people who provided their all possible assistance (upon obtaining their consent),   which was updated on a daily basis, available upon request at .kg. It is also possible to request a complete detailed financial report   by expense
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